All sugars or just added sugar?

  1. I am trying to start eating healthier and have noticed a lot of folks (including the America Heart folks) saying that you should limit – or completely eliminate – sugar from your diet. I dont have a problem doing this, except for in my fruits and stuff. Do they just mean added sugar, like white sugar, that would be in processed foods and treats? Obviously I cant not eat fruits.

    Also, my almond milk has sugars listed on the nutrition info, but none in the ingredients list – except there is evaporated cane juice — is that the sugar? Is that sugar to avoid, or is that okay sugars?

    What kinds of sugars am I supposed to avoid exactly? Thanks.

    Answer by kiwi
    Every ones needs sugar for their body to function properly, so just avoid added sugars and processed foods.

  2. Im reading & paying attention to food labels and trying to cut back on my “sugar” intake each day. Whats got me puzzled is this…..on some labels it will say, 0 grams Sugar, but right below that will give a number of Sugar ALCOHOL grams per serving, such as 5 alcohol grams???. Whats the difference? Is the ALCOHOL sugar just as bad for me as the other?? Im confused. Also, Ive been told that if a label shows OVER 12 grams of sugar per serving, I should avoid it All together. ????

    Thanks for you input and help.

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    Answer by kfaulk211
    Sugar alcohol is commonly known as xylitol and is typically used as a healthier alternative to table sugar (sucrose) along with artificial, no-calorie sweeteners.

    One teaspoon of xylitol contains 9.6 calories, as compared to one teaspoon of sugar, which has 15 calories. Sugar alcohols are advertised as “safe for diabetics and individuals with hyperglycemia.”

    It is a very common ingredient in sugar-free gums since it is considered “tooth friendly.”

    The term “alcohol” has nothing to do with getting you drunk, but is rather due to its chemical structure.

  3. how is sugar made?

    Answer by Simta
    refined from sugar cane


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