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Young Pop-Rock Artist Sings About Pain and Finds Relief in Natural Treatment, Says Pain Management Specialist Reza Ghorbani, MD, ABIPP, FIPP

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

The lead track on Mindy Whites new pop-rock album is titled, I hope you stay gone! While the song is about a faithless lover, it could just as well describe her near lifelong struggle with chronic pain. The 26-year old blonde singer knows what its like to hurt on the inside.

It started when I had bicycle accident as a child, and the problem never really went away. Im in pain everyday, says White, a Nashville based performer.

It isnt the result of early onset arthritis, but rather the physical demands of her lifestyle on tour with the band States. Singing and playing a musical instrument while standing for hours in concert takes a toll on her joints and muscles.

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Were not just living the rock star lifestyle. All the musicians I know suffer from pain on tour. So after the shows, instead of big time partying, were usually taking ibuprofen, icing our aches, and rushing to the hotel to restnot that exciting, says White.

Even though chronic pain is frequently associated with advancing age, its root causes may begin decades before.

Early intervention can often prevent an easily treatable problem from developing into a more serious issue. Unfortunately, we havent reached the same level of awareness about preventing pain and its consequences as we have about detecting cancer and heart disease, says Reza Ghorbani, MD, APIPP, FIPP.

Dr. Ghorbani is the author of the new book, Secrets to a Pain Free Life. He is also the inventor of Noxicare, a safe and effective natural treatment to control aches and pain.

As a pain management specialist I use the latest medical technology to control symptoms whatever the patients age. However, many young people are asking for natural remedies, and, unlike prescription painkillers, dont carry the risk of addiction, says Ghorbani.

In search of relief Mindy went on line and asked her fans for help. One of them gave her tubes of Noxicare cream at a concert.

After a while–I swear– I can literally feel it working, says White. Since she started using Noxicare, Whites been able to cut back on other treatments for her pain.

People like me struggle with pain without knowing theres a natural treatment alternative to putting chemicals in your body, and they need to know its out there, she says.

In its landmark 2011 report, the Institute of Medicine mentioned greater information are required regarding pain inside young individuals, amidst additional groups, considering the condition frequently goes undiagnosed plus untreated.

Meanwhile, Mindy isnt letting pain slow her down. She and her band States managed to raise $ 23-thousand from her fans to finance, Paradigm, the groups new release. As the music business moves away from big recording studios, this kick starter approach is getting more popular.

Even if we dont make money, we promise to pay our fans back, says White sounding confident that she wont have to make good on the deal.


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