Serenity Among Hardware

Couple of Remarkable hardware Illustrations

  1. Serenity Among Hardware
    Image by Theen …
    A huge Buddha head water feature for sale at my local Bunnings Hardware Store.

  2. For All Your Grocery and Hardware Needs: Maison Laurent! (1905)
    Image by postaletrice
    Maison Laurent, located at 198, Rue de Vaugirard, Paris XVe, France.

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    Vintage real photo postcard, circulated in January 1905, divided back, photograph by Haus (?, Montrouge, Hauts-de-Seine). This postcard was sent by Monsieur Laurent himself wishing a friend a Happy New Year.

    Casas-Rodrguez Collection, 2009. Some rights reserved.

  3. claiborne hardware
    Image by Dystopos
    Suggestive advertisement on the side of Claiborne Hardware on Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana

    I noted on my last trip that this no longer exists.


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