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More often than not, windows are the last pieces to be looked at when beautifying interiors; but truth be told, decorating windows and customising their overall vibe affect very largely how a room looks like. Moving forward, window blinds remain a famous alternative to traditional curtains, and supply an inventive and versatile option for homeowners and occupants alike. Blinds also permit one to manage the degree of sunlight, temperature, heat reflection, shade, and even privacy in a given room. The secret is to select the perfect blinds is to make sure exactly what it is your room needs. In other words, know the specifics—from sizes, to dimensions, to color palettes.  

Here a few thoughts to ponder on to better help you find the best window blinds available:

Will you be using window blinds for a specific room that requires a considerable amount of shade and darkness? For any type of bedroom, look for roman blinds or even roller blinds that come in room darkening cloths and linings. Many of these don’t have slats or holes in them to let sunlight in.

What kind of temperature do you want this particular room to have? Is it naturally a humid room, such as the toilet area or the kitchen? Try to veer away from organic materials such as silk, linen, and even wood that’s bound to break, rot, or dim over time in humid conditions. Rather, choose aluminium venetian blinds that don’t blight or decay. Good alternatives to this could also be fabric blinds, or faux wood blinds.

Is your room right in front of where the sun shines? Window blinds that are either venetian or vertical are perfect at keeping bright sunlight away, but are still able to let in a manageable amount of brightness into the room. Consider that.

How lengthy do you want your window blinds to be? Choose whether or not your window blinds fit or exceed the window recess. If it exceeds the window recess, don’t forget to measure the drop and the width specifically of the area over the window you’d like to be covered. If you want your blinds to fit just right, take about three measurements in millimetres across the width. Cover not just the top and bottom, but also the middle.

What is the theme of your room, and what color are the walls? Complimenting your walls by purchasing window blinds with similar shades adds to the overall feel and vibe of your room. Consider your theme before heading out and choosing just any window blinds.

Consider metal tape measures more than anything else. Why? Fabric tapes have the ability to stretch and therefore might be inaccurate. The thing with blinds is that every inch counts to compliment customisation. Accuracy is a must.

Always clean your window blinds. Make sure your blinds are sanitary and dust-free. Regularly vacuuming is a smart move. Another good option is to just wipe them with a damp cloth, soaked in alcohol or detergent.

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