Shopping for a billiard cue should not be an exasperating experience. Whether it’s your first cue or your hundredth, a new pool cue brings in a kind of excitement only a pool enthusiast can feel.

So where do you buy your new pool cue? If you have been buying pool cues for some time now, you would have learned that buying from a sporting goods department of big department stores is not your best option. Experienced pool players recommend visiting your local billiards shop or buying online from a trusted online store.

One distinct advantage in buying from your local billiards shop is that you would be able actually to see and feel the merchandise in your hands. If the store has a pool table, you can ask to try pool cues out to see which one feels most comfortable to you.

Local billiards shops also tend to carry brands from the reputable manufacturer instead of the more affordable standard cues available in department stores.

If visiting a local billiards shop is not an option, your next best choice is to shop for your pool cue online. With the oversupply of online stores these days, buying for the best signal could get overwhelming. To help narrow down your search and maybe even save yourself from future headaches, consider these attributes of an excellent online store.

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If the store’s website ranks in the first three pages of any search engine, chances are they can be trusted. But their page ranking can also be a result of an excellent marketing strategy. If you find an online store you think is trustworthy, dig deeper and check out their “About Us” page. If they have been around for some time, it’s highly likely that customers are happy with their products. The Janeses, for example, have been manufacturing pool cues for decades and treated their pool cue business as a family affair. You must have heard about Joss Pool Cues. These are among the quality cues you can purchase online from reputable pool cue stores.


There is no 100% guarantee that the product you are looking at online is the same one that’s going to be shipped to you, but if the online store displays their products in high-resolution images you can view from different angles and even zoom in on each of them to scrutinize the details, there is a good chance you will get what you expect.

In addition to a vivid image of the product, look for the product details and specifications. Steer clear from stores that put little effort in telling customers about the products they offer.


There is no better way to check for product quality in an online store than to hear or should I say, read, about what other customers have to say.


Lastly, check the store’s return policy and whether they offer customer satisfaction guarantee on the item you intend to purchase. Most online stores now offer a 60-day hassle-free guarantee wherein you can return the product within 60 days if you are not satisfied with it. Stores that provide this feature clearly show their intent to build trust among their target clientele.